Self Help Books that will change your life (by MOSAM KUMAR)

In this article, I’m gonna give you three of my most valuable book recommendations.

If you start reading these three books you will begin to realize that reading is an exemplary experience.

And trust me, if you cultivate this reading habit in 2021, by 2030 you can look back upon 2021 and say that this year changed my life.

So, if you are extremely serious about personal growth, if you are somebody who wants to experience the next version of yourself, this blog is for you.

Because in this blog I’m going to tell you not just the names of the three books, but I’m also going to tell you why you should read that book?

Most importantly I’m gonna give you one pro tip on how to read that book so that you can extract the best out of it.

Three Self Help Books that’ll change your life.

Start With Why

The first book that I have for you is this beautiful book called “start with why”.

The only reason why you should read this book is that it will teach you the most valuable skill in the 21st century that is leadership, in the simplest possible manner by not just telling you hypothetical motivational bullshit but by giving you concrete call to actions.

And many people have often asked, what is the value of this book? You know why do you recommend this book so much?

Well, if you want the value in terms of money, here’s the value of this book Simon Sinek charges $100000, which is close to 70 lakhs to deliver a one-hour keynote presentation.

Start with Why is a book wherein Simon Sinek will speak to you for more than eight hours and you can call Simon Sinek whenever you want and speak to him and acquire his insights on leadership.

So, 70 lakhs*8hrs = 5.6 crores is the monetary value of reading that book in the first place.

And secondly in terms of value in business, this book taught me from being an underconfident guy who just follows to someone who can lead someone.

So the professional value of this book is that it can teach you to extract not just the best from yourself, but also 40 to 50 other people.

And in the 21st century, if you can lead a team of 40 to 50 you have a CEO level quality within yourself already.

And my pro tip for this is that you should also watch Simon Sinek’s TEDx talk.

Go and check out that talk and you will fall in love with Simon Sinek’s intellect eventually you will go and buy that book anyways.

The Wellness Sense

The second book that I have for you is this book called the wellness sense was written by a monk called Om Swami.

Why you should read this book?

Well, Jack Ma once said that if you put a dozen of bananas and a bag full of money in front of a monkey, the monkey will always choose a dozen of bananas.

Why? Because the monkey doesn’t realize that using the bag full of money, he can buy countless bananas.

Similarly, when you put a bag full of money and health on the other side.

Human beings will often choose a bag full of money because we human beings do not realize that by using good health you can have countless wealth.

And without good health, no matter how much wealth you have you will never be able to cherish life.

So, if you’re somebody who wants to live life a little bit better by taking care of your body?

If you’re somebody who wants to enjoy the wealth that you have to the best possible extent? then this book is for you.

Because this book will give you a step-by-step guide on how to take care of your body?

How to eat well in such a way that you will begin to realize all those crimes that you’ve been committing throughout these days knowingly or unknowingly upon your body?

And once you become mindful about the bad things that you do, you will automatically begin to incorporate good eating habits, good nutrition habits such that you can take care of your body eventually to live life a little bit better.

And one pro tip for you is that after the end of every chapter, reflect upon your life and try to understand what are the changes that you’re supposed to make in your life?

Because once you begin to take notes of those things you’ll become mindful about your habits.

Eventually, those habits will become such an innate part of your lifestyle, that you will not realize what a massive transition you are making to your own life.

So, when health and nutrition habits become completely effortless to apply, that is when their true value comes up.

Because otherwise you will just apply that for 10 to 15 days and then they’ll just vanish off.

Ram by Amish Tripathi

The last book that I have for you is this book called ram which has been written by a world-class author named Amish Tripathi.

People often consider these books to be novels, but trust me this book has given me such life lessons that I have never been able to find in any of even the most philosophical books that I have read.

So, when you read this book try to understand the life lesson that every chapter is giving you.

Take notes of those life lessons and just like Om Swami’s book, begin to incorporate those life lessons and you will begin to see that the problems in your life might not decrease, but your perspective towards looking at those problems will change so drastically that you will begin to find more peace in the way you lead your life in the first place.

And if you’re somebody who’s using social media, you need to understand this human lesson that there is nothing called black or white everything is grey in this world and human beings are goddamn complicated.

If you read this book you will begin to understand how complicated human beings are?

You will also cultivate a deeper understanding of the people in your life.

So if you are somebody who wants to understand the people around you?

if you are somebody who wants to cultivate a deeper understanding of the India that you live in, then this book is for you.

You should also watch his podcast with Ranveer. Please check out that podcast that’s my pro tip for you.

Because once you begin to listen to that podcast, you will fall in love with Amish Tripathi’s intellect.

Then, just like Simon Sinek’s book automatically, you will begin to read all of his books.

I want to specially insist on sharing this blog post particularly because of the kind of changes that these books have brought to my life?

It is something that I can’t even put into words and I want as many people as possible to have this magical feeling, wherein you can feel yourself transforming from one version to the other.

So please go and read these books.

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