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  • Da Vida Gayden

    Da Vida Gayden

    I am an observer of people, places and things. Writing allows me to navigate and express what I've keenly observed.

  • Chris Rodriguez

    Chris Rodriguez

  • Bethan Coady

    Bethan Coady

    I have a big interest in all thing human. Msc in Psychological Studies, currently an A&E Nurse.

  • Leila gharrabi

    Leila gharrabi

    Blogger and teacher in high school

  • Lawrence Burrows

    Lawrence Burrows

    Writer, editor, lover of words. If my stories make you think or laugh, or both, that’s what they’re there for!

  • Sasha K

    Sasha K

    Small, brown, cat cuddler with a ridiculously long surname.

  • Katreena Davis

    Katreena Davis

    Katreena is a 30 something who lives in Atlanta with her husband. Katreena enjoys sharing lifestyle and personal finance content.

  • The Modern Homosexual

    The Modern Homosexual

    Constrained by legal restrictions & social taboo, gay people have not had a history of talking about themselves. Until now. 10% of profits donated to Stonewall.

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