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Of course, creating a business idea is easier said than done. You don’t know where to begin, whether it will work or not, and what actually a good idea is. However, there are certain rules that can help you sort it out.

1. Decide on the Criteria

In order to generate a good business idea…

Bunch of habits I picked up lately that have helped me plan my time better and deal with procrastination effectively. Thought I’d share them with y’all!

1️. Eisenhower Matrix

Using Eisenhower Matrix for identifying the urgent and important tasks and getting rid of the dead weight tasks.

After generating an idea, it’s crucial to understand whether or not the idea is worthy and profitable. In order to define how good an idea is, one may proceed from the following steps.

1. Describe your Idea clearly

A business idea starts to be more comprehensible after describing the key elements of a business model:

This line was quoted by Steve Jobs.

Most people use the term “startup” in the meaning of any starting business, but let’s still figure out what they really mean.

The term first appeared in Forbes magazine in August 1976. It was introduced to refer to companies that have been…

A startup is promising, interesting and comes with a lot of difficulties that the founder must cope with. A startup must have a set of qualities that will help him withstand tests with flying colors. Check if you have these qualities.

In the process of implementing an idea there…

Warren Buffett is the most successful investor of our times with a net worth of over $100 billion which makes the world’s seventh richest person.

In this blog, I put together 9 valuable lessons compiled from the many books & articles written on Buffett in addition to the sage advice…

How to achieve financial freedom is a question that would have come across your mind at some point of time.

In this short article, I will look at the 9 steps one needs to take to achieve financial freedom.

👉 What is Financial Freedom?

Financial freedom is not always about being rich and having tons…

Starting a small business is no small decision.

If you’re thinking about starting a business of your own, there are some key steps you need to take first.

Develop A Powerful Message:

What customer problem are you solving or what is the product which would solve the customer problem?

Focus On The Customer And Fully Understand The Market:

Focus on what customer wants…

In this article, we are going to take up perhaps the most basic question for any interview and that is how to introduce yourself?

So let’s get started.

Three Most Common Mistakes While Introducing Yourself

Now there are three common mistakes that most people make while introducing themselves during an interview.

1. They talk about their Hobbies

The first mistake is that people…

In this article, I’m gonna give you three of my most valuable book recommendations.

If you start reading these three books you will begin to realize that reading is an exemplary experience.

And trust me, if you cultivate this reading habit in 2021, by 2030 you can look back upon…


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