🔻1 skill that any entrepreneur or business owner should have… (by @mosamku)

Do you know what the #1 skill that any entrepreneur or business owner should have is?

It’s the ability to produce revenue — the ability to bring in sales that ring the cash register. Because sales and revenue are the lifeblood of any business, without them, your business will die.

That’s why selling is the ‘must-have’ skill for you to succeed.

It’s your product. It’s your brainchild. Who else will know it better than you? Who else can sell it better than you? No one.

You got to sell your idea first to yourself so that you start believing in it and put your efforts, time, and money in developing it. Then you got to sell it to your friends and family and make them believe in the idea and stand behind you throughout your journey.

After that, you have to sell your idea and vision to your co-founder to convince them to join you on your journey.

Then you got to sell it to your target audience that you are building something that’ll solve their problem and make them better to validate your idea.

Once the product is ready, you got to sell it to the first 1000 customers persuading them why it is the best solution for them and how it is better than anything else out there.

Along the way, you might have to pitch your idea and sell it to investors, convince them to invest in your idea, and help you grow it.

If you fail at any one of these steps, you probably won’t succeed. It doesn’t matter how good is your idea or product if you don’t sell it properly, it is as good as buried down there.

Even if you get someone else to make the sales, you got to sell the idea to him to convince him to do the selling for you. :-)

If you aren’t selling, you can’t make revenue. If you aren’t generating revenue, your business will be running out of oxygen and dying.

That’s why it is the essential skill you need to succeed. And that’s why you need to be good at selling.

But the problem is most of the startup founders and entrepreneurs believe that they aren’t good at selling or selling is terrible.

That’s not true. The truth is, you’ve been selling all your life. You didn’t know it because you didn’t pay attention to it.

And selling is good. It makes the world go round. It helps people get what they want, and it creates jobs, meals, happiness, and joy.

Assume you convince someone to become your friend. It means you sold him why it is good to be your friend. Or persuade your father or brother or friend to get you something he wasn’t planning to, it’s also selling.

When you convince your recruiter to hire you because you are better than the rest out there or persuade your friends to go out for the movie of your choice or dine out at the restaurant of your choice, you are selling.

Unknowingly, we all are selling things every day. It’s that you aren’t doing it consciously.

But as someone starting up, you should learn to do it consciously. Because it’s going to either make or break your startup.

Are you ready to sell?

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